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Fresh new haircut at Lisa Hauck's hair salon, Primrose Hill London

There are so many hairdressers in London and yet I've always struggled to find a hair stylist who is skilled and experienced, listens to you, understands what you want, advises you on hairstyles that suit you, and most importantly gives you a haircut that you are pleased with. I used to love experimenting with my hair and over the years I have probably visited 50 different hair salons in London. However, there were only a few that I felt truly delivered on customer service, overall experienced, left me with a haircut that I asked for, and haven't charged me a fortune!

I have recently discovered this small hair salon in Primrose Hill, founded by a German hair and make up stylist - Lisa Hauck, and decided to have my haircut there. On my arrival the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming! I was offered a drink and tasty refreshments. I then had a consultation with a senior stylist called Dennis. He was extremely attentive and polite. He asked me a lot of questions about my hair and the ways I usually style it. He also gave me a few great styling tips. I asked Dennis not to cut my hair too short, only trim ends, give my hair a better shape and add a bit of volume to it. He did exactly that. I love my new haircut and I'm a very happy customer :-)

With Dennis- Senior Hairstylist

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