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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and yet feel like you have nothing to wear. Maybe your styling prowess was lost among the tower of baby bottles and endless nightly feeds. Perhaps flagging self-esteem makes choosing your outfit an unnecessarily complex exercise, leaving you to settle for those trusty black tracky bottoms.

Confidence, personality and style are three important words everyone wants to be associated with.

The clothes you wear affect the way you feel, and influence how others see you. You want to feel at your most confident by knowing you look great, whether you are trying to clinch that important business deal or heading out on the date you have been waiting all week for. Poor judgement in clothing sets a precedent for you as a person, and you do not want it to be the wrong one.

This is why professional personal styling is so important. I can help you to regain confidence in what you wear; transforming your wardrobe into something you will be proud of.

A consultation with me takes from 3.5-6.5 hours and will involve colour analysis and personal styling. I will look at your skin tone, eye and hair colour and show you the range of colours that complement your unique colouring and ways in which you can wear them. You will learn how to bring the colours from your personal palette into your wardrobe. Wearing the right colours can make you look healthier, more vibrant and younger! We will also look at your body proportions and face shape to determine which styles, cuts and hem lengths flatter your figure.

I will show you how to make the most of your assets and accentuate your best features so that you will be guaranteed to turn heads.

I will listen carefully to you to give you tailored styling tips based on your personality and lifestyle, recognising that each client of mine has their unique needs and tastes.



Working together, we can sieve through the entire contents of your wardrobe, discarding or altering anything that does not achieve the look you want. My expertise will help you to finally say goodbye to that dowdy fleece you cling on to like a life jacket, opening up the possibility for your exciting new wardrobe that will help you to reach your full style potential.

A typical consultation will usually involve some or all of the following, depending on goals and priorities:

· A questionnaire and style preparation assignment, focusing on your current image and styling preferences

· Assessing your wardrobe, evaluating what works and does not work, as well as any items that may need to be added to a priority shopping list

· A discussion and demonstration about the items and looks that would best suit you

· Pinning and preparing any items that may benefit from alterations

· Focusing on you and your lifestyle, as well as any requirements you may have

· Discussing your shopping habits, showing you what works and why

· Organising your wardrobe and recommending items that may help, such as boxes or hangers

After clearing the clutter, the next step would be to arrange a personal shopping session, leaving you with a wardrobe of clothes that will ensure you look fantastic, no matter what you choose!

My job is to enhance what you already have, and help you to achieve your goal of a wardrobe with colours, shapes and styles that work for you. As such, my promise to you is that I will always be honest, yet kind and tactful in my approach.




Have you ever returned from a shopping trip disappointed with your day’s haul? Perhaps you’ve haphazardly bought an item of clothing in a fit of pique, knowing full well you are never going to wear it. Maybe you’ve seen someone else wearing a dress and you’ve gone out and spent hundreds of pounds on the same outfit, despite it not being suited to your particular shape.

If you relate to any of the above, next time you go shopping for a new look, take me with you and let me help you enjoy the whole shopping experience.

I can research and recommend styles, garments and boutiques to suit your shape, budget and lifestyle requirements, turning what can be a stressful episode into a fun and relaxing sojourn.




Would you like to surprise a friend and give them something special? Perhaps you know someone who has had a bad month and could use a boost.

Now you can help your loved ones feel fabulous with one of my gift vouchers.

It is a perfect present for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays or a Wedding Anniversary, Treat you friends and loved ones to this fantastic makeover and enjoy seeing the transformation when they step out of the door feeling like a million dollars!

A personal styling voucher is a unique gift which offers a pampering experience that can be life changing. 

E-mail or call to book my services, to work out the best deal for you, or to schedule a half-day or full-day consultation.

Nothing feels better than brightening up the day of a friend or loved one!

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