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Michaela Frankova 'Couture. Created just for you'

I first met Michaela Frankova during the London Fashion Week 2016. My my attention was instantly drawn to her stunning outfit, which was her own creation. Michaela Frankova is a incredibly talented couture designer who takes inspiration from the Golden Age of Hollywood and the stars of the Silver Screen. She is based in London Hampstead and offers bespoke evening wear dress, bridal service as well as a rental dress service.

Michaela designs dresses tailored directly to her client's needs. She believes that "The right garment can catapult a woman from invisible to unforgettable" and I couldn't agree more.

Check out Michaela's collection which includes everything from structured jackets and fitted evening dresses to loose, silk summer dresses.

Thank you Michaela for this lovely gift and keep up the great work!

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