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MyFaceMyBody Awards 2016

The prestigious MyFaceMyBody Awards is the only consumer awards dedicated to the cosmetic, aesthetic and dental industry to recognise and reward brands for their product innovation and popularity. Clinics are also rewarded for exceptional experiences and outstanding service to their consumers. The awards are attended by 400 leading industry professionals, brands, journalists and celebrities.

I was so grateful to my sister Anna Banas, who is also known as a Fairy Godmother of healthy and beautiful skin, for inviting me to this fantastic event at Hilton Hotel on Park Lane! The entire evening was simply fabulous! We were blown away with the fantastic entertainment, delicious food and magical atmosphere throughout the evening.

My huge congratulations to all the 2016 Award Winners! Especially to BTL Aesthetics for their award in the 'Best Body Reshaping Procedure' category. Well deserved!

With Anna Banas- a Fairy Godmother of healthy and beautiful skin

Don't try it at home! ;-)

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