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Richard Thomson AW16 with Brides Magazine, No 4 Hamilton Place

A huge thank you to Daniel Dunt for inviting me to an exclusive showcase in collaboration with Brides Magazine on the 22nd of September. The event took place at No 4 Hamilton Place and was beautifully organised by Kendra Leaver. The evening started off with a salon-style catwalk from Miss Bush's Bridal Boutique and the fantastic designer Richard Thompson.

Richard Thomson presented his new collection, including an array of classic and casual made-to-measure and bespoke suits. Richard is very quality-focused and uses a range of luxury Italian fabrics for his designs. Result: beautifully tailored, elegant and fashionable suits for any occasion!

Miss Bush presented a collection of their beautiful wedding dresses which were full of delicate lace, luxury satins and the sultry-plunging low backs. Simply stunning!

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