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London Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2017, International Designers

On September 17 I attended the International Multi Designer Fashion Show at Amba Hotel. The event showcased emerging and established designers such as:






Canadian based designer, Sasmitha Dellawa, opened the show with her second collection named 'Love letter to Nostalgia'. Using simple yet sharp cuts in fabrics such as silk, satin and twill Sasmitha created a bright and feminine collection, which is perfect for the modern woman.

Another collection that in my opinion stood out was by Michaela Frankova, London based designer, originally from Slovakia. Frankova's signature fabric is lace but she is also known to work with silk. She has termed her collection "Seductive Explosions", a reference to her collaboration this season with digital artist T-Mo Bauer.

Michaela Frankova, after show party

Finally, my favourite collection of the night! OMAR MANSOOR and his ready to wear dresses inspired by the ancient Persian symbol of the Faravahar, and Navy Blue.

Omar's collection features full and short length dresses made up of vintage laces, Crepe and Chiffons. Omar has cleverly combined vintage and modern fabrics creating a fantastic and extremely elegant collection!

Omar Mansoor, after show reception.

Omar Mansoor, after show reception.

With the one and only Omar Mansoor! After show reception.

After show reception


Leather jacket: Topshop

Skirt: Zara

After show reception with my gorgeous sister Anna Banas.

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