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Holiday in style. My top packing tips.

Last month my friend and I went on holiday to Madeira- an autonomous region of Portugal, known for its namesake wine, exotic flowers, tropical fruits, striking scenery and warm, subtropical climate. Madeira has a lot to offer, from popular outdoor pursuits which includes hiking along old levada (aqueducts) in the mountains to golf, surfing and scuba diving at sites such as the Garajau Marine Nature Reserve.

Packing for holiday is not always easy. You never know what the weather is going to be like or what sort of activities you will end yo doing. You pack a giant suitcase full of clothes and only wear a few items throughout your stay.

Here are my top packing tips:

1. Only pack the clothes you really love.

2. Consider everything you might be doing during your holiday. Whether it's tennis, posh dinners, hiking, swimming or city explorations - then put your favourite items for these scenarios on your bed in piles of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, beauty favourites, jackets/coverups, swimwear. Anything that doesn't have a specific use doesn't need to come without you.

3. Wear your heaviest clothing to travel in.

4. Pack at least 2-3 vests/t-shirts, flat comfortable shoes/flip-flops, lightweight dress, trousers or a jumpsuit.

5. For the evenings wear pack a little summer dress or a flowy maxi dress which can be worn with sequinned flip flops or heeled sandals.

Wonders of Madeira

Stunning views in Canico, Madeira

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in 5* BELMOND REID'S PALACE Hotel

Fantastic views from the King size suit, Belmond Reid's Palace Hotel

I absolutely loved this massive luxurious bathroom.

Simple and elegant outfit for your evening dinner; silk shirt from Rhodes & Beckett, faux leather leggings from Miss Selfridge and black stiletto heels from Nine West

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